Erdogan says Turkey to maintain diplomatic presence in Kabul

Erdogan says Turkey to maintain diplomatic presence in Kabul

Turkey’s President Erdogan says the Turkish embassy in Afghanistan has returned to its building in the capital, Kabul

The Turkish embassy in Kabul has returned to the original location in the capital, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that Ankara will maintain its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.

Following the Taliban’s victory two weeks ago, NATO countries have began evacuating their diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.

Except for a small “technical group,” Turkey has evacuated civilians and troops from Afghanistan.

Erdogan said the Turkish embassy in Kabul had relocated to its building after operating from the airport for two weeks in an interview with Turkish media on a flight returning from Montenegro on Sunday.
“They returned to our embassy building in the city centre the other day and they are continuing their activities from here,” he was quoted as saying by broadcaster NTV.

“ this is how we plan to maintain our diplomatic presence. “We are constantly updating our plans in response to changes in the security situation,” Erdogan said.

Turkey, according to Erodgan, welcomes the Taliban’s statements thus far with “cautious hope,” but wants to see their actions.
Meanwhile, Erdogan poured cold water over a plan in which Turkey was to operate Kabul airport and the Taliban would be responsible for security, saying Ankara would be in a tough position if another attack occurs.

“How can we provide you with security?” What would we say to the rest of the world if you took over security and there was another bloodbath? He was cited as remarking, “This is not an easy job.”

The suicide attack at Kabul airport on Thursday killed over 100 people, including 13 US service personnel, stalling the airlift short of US President Joe Biden’s deadline for evacuations on Tuesday.

Several rockets fired at Kabul airport as evacuation winds down



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