Breaking News: President Trump is about to be impeached

Breaking News: President Trump is about to be impeached

Breaking News from Washington as the Democrats unveil impeachment charges against President Donald Trump following a judicial inquiry.

Announcing the charges today, the Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrod Nadler said that “nothing could be more urgent” than impeachment, as top Democrats continue to push the process along.

Nadler’s committee plans to vote on Thursday on the two articles which will have to be approved separately. Members are expected to toe the party line, with the committee’s 24 Democrats voting to approve, and the 17 Republicans voting against.

As House Speaker, Pelosi will run the show, but Republicans may attempt to slow the process down.

Each article will be voted on separately and must be approved by a simple majority. Again, the vote is expected to fall along party lines. With Democrats holding a 233-197 advantage, and independent Republican Justin Amash supporting impeachment, the articles are likely to pass. A vote might take place before Christmas.

If he is impeached in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, it will be up to the Republican-led Senate to convict and remove from office.

The only saving grace that the President has is that the Republicans control the senate and in order for the senate to this it must vote by a two-thirds majority, which means that at least 20 Republican senators will have to defect from there party line.

The President is lashing out on Twitter following Democrats’ announcement unveiling articles of impeachment against Trump.

In two tweets, Trump wrote “WITCH HUNT!” and called the Democrats’ accusations against him “ridiculous” and “not true.”

A vote in the Judiciary Committee on whether to impeach Trump could happen at some point later this week. That means a full house vote to impeach Trump could happen as soon as next week.

Now that the articles of impeachment have been unveiled, Trump is officially the fourth US President in history to face impeachment. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1869. Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 and Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 when it was clear impeachment was coming.



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