Cummings: Boris Johnson said it was 'ludicrous' he could be PM in 2016

Cummings: Boris Johnson said it was 'ludicrous' he could be PM in 2016

Cummings: Boris Johnson said it was ‘ludicrous’ he could be PM in 2016

Dominic Cummings has continued his explosive claims being made against the prime minister and the government. 

Cummings has claimed Boris Johnson said after the 2016 Brexit referendum that it would be “ludicrous” if he became PM and that he joined his team in Downing Street to try and direct policy. 

After David Cameron resigned in 2016, Johnson allegedly said: “Obviously it’s ludicrous me being PM — but no more ludicrous than Dave or George, don’t you think?”

Cummings said in a new substack email that in 2019 before becoming his chief aide he thought “the problems of Boris as PM can be partly mitigated by us, given we understand Whitehall much better than him and understand effective political action much better than him and the Conservative Party”.

Cummings said he went to work for the government in order to get a Brexit deal through parliament and stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM.

Cummings believes a second referendum and Corbyn becoming PM would have been more damaging than having Boris Johnson in office.

Features of Boris that are in principle very bad in a PM can be turned to advantage. In particular, his ignorance of Whitehall, his uninterest in policy and his desire to enjoy himself rather than work hard — together with the constitutional crisis and MP terror — all combine to provide a very weird opportunity to force through certain important things that the system left to itself won’t do.

Precisely because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, we may be able to get him to agree things ‘the system’ will think are ‘extreme’ but we think are necessary — like re-orienting the whole state machine away from Brussels towards science and technology.”

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