Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Monday's front pages.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Monday’s papers are dominated by the deadly attack on a base in western Ukraine, near the Polish border amid growing fears Russia’s military assault could stray into the country and NATO enter the conflict. 


The Guardian says the attack came after the Kremlin said supply lines into Ukraine were legitimate military targets. “Russia escalates war in Ukraine with attack close to Nato’s border” reads the paper’s front-page headline. The paper features an image of a woman crying in front of the ruins of a house in Irpin, northwest of the capital. 

Metro leads with a plea for people to take in refugees from Ukraine – those who do so will get a £350-a-month “thank you” payment from the government. “As Putin’s war rages on … Refugees need you” is the paper’s headline. 

The Independent calls the attack “the most westerly attack yet by Russian forces” as the paper’s headline reads: “Putin’s deadly missile strike on Nato’s doorstep” – the paper leads with an image of smoke billowing from destroyed buildings after an attack by Russian forces on a military base. 

The Sun calls the attack on the base a “blitz” by President Putin. It says around 30 missiles are believed to have been fired and at least 35 killed and many more injured. The paper features an image of Lady Gaga attending the BAFTAS – with the headline “all gong wrong for Gaga”. 

The Daily Mirror is another to lead on Russia’s deadly attack – it says it marks a direct threat to the NATO alliance. The paper says the attack was just six miles from the Polish border – and 35 people were killed. The paper features a picture of a woman in tears after the attack. 

The Daily Express also sounds a note of alarm and calls the Russian attack a “significant escalation” in the war. “Putin’s missile strike brings war to NATO’s borders” is the paper’s headline. A tribute to Oscar winner William Hurt also features on the front splash following the 71-year-old’s death.