The Daily Mail  - Nothing to fear from 21 June freedom

The Daily Mail  - Nothing to fear from 21 June freedom

The Daily Mail’s front splash says with the news of zero Covid deaths being recorded – the first time since the pandemic began – there’s no need to fear not reopening on 21 June. The paper says there’s a campaign to stop the easing of restrictions – which it calls insidious. 

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Zero Covid deaths… Nothing to fear from freedom 

The Daily Mail’s headline is ‘nothing to fear from freedom’, as it reports on zero COVID deaths being reported for the first time since 7 March last year. The paper says an ‘insidious’ campaign is happening to keep restrictions in place. 

Headlines from the Daily Mail Online

Travellers set up camp in the ‘Queen’s front garden’: Group descends on Long Walk next to Windsor Castle

The Mail Online says a group of travellers last night set up camp on the Long Walk of Windsor, in full view of Her Majesty’s private quarters.

The group parked vehicles and up to 30 caravans and motorhomes outside famous Windsor Castle – widely regarded as the Queen’s favourite royal residence and the one in which she is currently staying.

Covid testing ‘CARNAGE’ puts foreign holidays at risk

The Mail Online says thousands of Britons could miss summer break as labs are ALREADY pushed to the limit… before more nations are to added ‘green list’. 

Hyde Park machete carnage

The Mail Online says a man has been rushed to hospital with stab wounds after a gang armed with foot-long knives attacked him in front of screaming onlookers in London beauty spot Hyde Park. 

Naomi Osaka arrives back at her $7million Los Angeles mansion

The Mail Online says tennis superstar Naomi Osaka arrived back at her $7million Los Angeles mansion on Tuesday, the day after spectacularly withdrawing from the French Open amid a row over her decision not to do interviews during the tournament to protect her mental health.

The Daily Mail This Week:

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