The Daily Telegraph - ‘Give poor countries more vaccines to halt Covid-19  variants’ 

The Daily Telegraph - ‘Give poor countries more vaccines to halt Covid-19  variants’ 

The Daily Telegraph’s front page leads with calls from leading bodies that rich countries should give more vaccines to poorer nations or the world risks the emerging of new variants. 

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Covid-19 vaccines: ‘Give third world extra jabs to halt variants’ 

The Daily Telegraph reports that richer countries must urgently give more COVID-19 vaccines to poorer nations or risk new variants emerging that could bring about future lockdowns, according to leading bodies.

Charity chiefs earns more than Boris Johnson 

The front page also reports on the papers investigation findings, that show some 278 charity bosses are earning more than the prime minister. The paper’s investigation found the highest charity earner makes £4.7 million a year. 

Raab to criticise Russia’s ‘aggressive behaviour’ at NATO summit

The paper says Dominic Raab is set to deliver a “rap sheet” of Russia’s “bad behaviour” to NATO allies.  It comes after Russia said it will increase its military presence on the western border. 

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More countries to be added to red list amid concerns over Covid-19 variant spread

The Telegraph says more countries are set to be added to the red list amid concerns over high infection rates and the spread of Covid variants, an analysis shows.

UK weather: High of 27C predicted for first day of meteorological summer

The Telegraph says the UK could see record temperatures for the second day in a row on Tuesday after the mercury hit 25C for the warmest day of the year on bank holiday Monday.

Lord Ashcroft’s son’s partner charged with manslaughter over death of police officer in Belize

The Telegraph says the partner of Lord Ashcroft’s son has been charged with manslaughter by negligence following the death of a police officer in Belize, according to local media.

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Daily Telegraph -Dominic Cummings revenge, but ‘contradictions pile up’



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