Daily Telegraph -Dominic Cummings revenge, but ‘contradictions pile up’

Daily Telegraph -Dominic Cummings revenge, but ‘contradictions pile up’

The Daily Telegraph’s front page is dominated by the explosive claims made by former PM adviser Dominic Cummings during his committee meeting on the government’s handling of the pandemic. 

Sharing the front page is the news that France is toughening its travel rules on British tourists over fears of spreading the variant first identified in India. 

Online, the coverage of Dominic Cummings’ 7 -hour committee meeting dominates. The Telegraph Online looks into the contradictions the former adviser made and the relationship between Cummings and Health Secretary Matt Hancock. 

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Cummings takes his revenge as he lays blame on Johnson and Hancock 

The Daily Telegraph’s front page features a series of Dominic Cummings’ changing facial expressions during his committee meeting, in which the former PM aide made a series of explosive claims about the government during the Covid pandemic. 

The paper says it’s Cummings “taking his revenge”. An unmanned adviser to a cabinet minister tells the paper he was “quite selective on what he remembered” and suggested the public would see him “as bitter.”

The paper claims the government “will attempt to fight back” against the claims today. Matt Hancock is due to face MPs today and answer urgent questions in the Commons. Downing Street has ruled out a reshuffle, the paper adds. 

France orders UK seven-day Quarantine 

Also on the front page is the news that Brits travelling to France are facing a 7-day quarantine as well as needing to provide a negative Covid test under tougher plans, as Paris puts the UK on its amber list. 

France has placed Britain on the list amid fears of the variant first identified in India spreading. 

Tech giants block Dacre from Ofcom 

The paper says Facebook and Google lobbied to stop Paul Dacre, the former Daily Mail editor from getting the Chairman of Ofcom job. 

The paper says the race to become chairman will start again after Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said he wanted the process to start “afresh”. A major concern was the lobbying against Dacre from tech giants including the Facebook operation led by Sir Nick Clegg, the paper adds. 

Mohammed teacher allowed back to school 

The teacher who showed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed has been allowed to return to school after an investigation found he did not intend to cause harm, according to the Telegraph. 

The paper adds, the Schools Trust said the cartoons must not be used again in any lesson. The teacher was initially  suspended and forced into hiding after receiving death threats

The report noted he saw the cartoons as having an educational purpose and benefit. 


Dominic Cummings and Matt Hancock: animosity a long time in the making

The former No 10 adviser’s ferocious criticism of Health Secretary Matt Hancock may have the unintended consequence of keeping him in his job, says the Telegraph Online. 

Contradictions kept piling up in Dominic Cummings’ claws-out rewriting of history

Telegraph Online says Dominic Cummings’s aim was clearly to concede wrongdoing while suggesting he was the unwitting victim of an ‘overall system failure’. 


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