Novak Djokovic – Australia visa circus 

Novak Djokovic Australia - update 

The ongoing Novak Djokovic visa row continues to dominate the news – with the public firmly split on whether the No 1 tennis star should be deported. 

The papers reflect the uncertainty of Djokovic’s situation – with some headlines looking at whether he will still end up being deported if he’ll be banned from the French Open – admit France’s crackdown on anti-vaxxers and where he stands with Wimbledon. 

The tabloids highlight the absurdity of pseudo-medical therapy, whilst most papers are running stories from fellow tennis players with a pro-vaccine stance. The general tone from the tennis community is that he should be vaccinated to play at the Australian Open and that he’s created a circus of it all. 

There’s also a political spin to some stories – a few papers are questioning Nigel Farge and the right-wing’s sudden interest in Novak Djokovic. 

Novak Djokovic Australia – update 

Australia’s Federal Circuit Court has quashed the government’s decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa. The court has ordered for the world’s top-ranked tennis player to be released from immigration detention immediately. However, Australia’s immigration minister has said he is “currently considering the matter” and the process of suspending Djokovic’s visa is “ongoing”. Outside Djokovic’s lawyer’s office, police used pepper spray against supporters who were blocking the path of car believed to be carrying the Serbian player.

Tennis Australia sparked controversy last week after saying the Australian Open champion had been granted a medical exemption to play at the tournament, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison later said he had been advised that “such an exemption was not in place”. Djokovic’s lawyers say he received a positive COVID-19 test in December, which they argue makes him eligible for an exemption to Australia’s vaccination rules.

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