Live News Briefing - India & Pakistan conflict in Kashmir

Live News Briefing - India & Pakistan conflict in Kashmir

India and Pakistan in ‘uncharted waters’

If you have been reclused for the past few days or are just joining us, here’s a quick recap on this fast-moving story: The most serious flare-up of tensions in years and a real potential disaster for Asia. The world watches on as these two nuclear powers are plotting to make their next move.

Latest Updates…

  • Pakistan are due to release the Pilot prisoner at 3 pm (10 am GMT)
  • Israel hand a complicit hand in the attacks in Pakistan
  • Pakistan will not attend the OIC and are pressuring The Crown prince of Abu Dhabi to revoke India’s invitation
  • Indian PM Modi will not be at the Wagah border


UK ‘deeply concerned’ over rising Indo-Pak tension
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Pakistan and India conflict 2019
  • PM Imran Khan has agreed to release the Indian pilot as a gesture of goodwill
  • Imran Khan the Pakistani pm has tried to call PM Modi to deescalate the situation
  • Pakistan airspace still closed
  • Nationalism and the far right are on the rise in India, putting Modi under serious pressure domestically
  • India’s army is still on high alert and will defend any further incursions
  • Isreali bombs were used in the attack in Pakistan
  • The Israeli military has been offering tactical support and sharing intelligence with India’s military ahead of the airstrikes in Pakistan
  • Backchannel dialogue is still ongoing but so far no agreement has been reached

Yesterday’s updates Wednesday 27th Feb 2019

"The sole purpose was to tell them [India] that if they can come here, we can go there too. All wars are miscalculated and no one knows where they lead to."
PM-Modi-India victorious after the airstrikes in Pakistan
All Bollywood movies, actors blocked in Pakistan after Indian jets violated Pakistan airspace.
  • Pakistan says it has shot down two Indian fighter jets and arrested one pilot who is in custody
  • The Indian army admits losing one aircraft in an aerial duel, saying the pilot is missing
  • After initially, denying the claims of Pakistan, India is demanding the safe return of its pilot
  • Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for a de-escalation of the situation.
  • India has summoned the Pakistan High Commissioner in Delhi to protest against ‘unprovoked aggression’
  • India claims it shot a Pakistani jet – a claim denied by Islamabad and question by Indian media, so far no evidence to support this claim has been provided

Post-Pakistan air strikes and capture of an Indian pilot

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Welcome Home Wing Commander Abhinandan
Indian plane shot down in Pakistan
  • This all happened after Pakistani jets carried out “strikes” on the Indian-administered side of Kashmir
  • Retaliation for Indian strikes on Tuesday targeting militants in Pakistani territory
  • Pakistani Celebrities have come out onto social media insisting the army treats the prisoner of war with cordial respect.
  • The Pakistan army posted on social media showing the sound treatment and care of the prisoner
  • India’s Prime Minister Modi has so far made no public comments, following the Pakistani air strikes

Post-Indian air strikes – Killing suspected terrorists in Pakistani territory

Indians drop bombs in Pakistan and triggers a potential nuclear fallout
Indian army launch air strikes in Pakistan
War games between India and Pakistan


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