Harry Maguire reveals his dad left with broken ribs

Harry Maguire reveals his dad left with broken ribs

LIONHEART Harry Maguire reveals dad left with broken ribs and struggling to breathe after ticketless yobs trampled him at Wembley

The Sun says: ENGLAND ace Harry Maguire has told how his dad Alan was left with suspected broken ribs by ticketless yobs who stormed Wembley.

The England defender, 28, also called for a crackdown on trolls by social media firms in the wake of racist abuse of his team-mates suffered after the Euro 2020 final defeat.

Maguire’s 56-year-old father was caught up in the terrifying scenes which left him struggling to breathe after the Euro 2020 Final.

The accountant found himself pinned to the floor, suffering two suspected broken ribs, after the mob burst in through a disabled entrance and stampeded past anyone standing in their way.

Harry, who smashed home his spot-kick in the devastating shootout defeat to Italy, said of his dad’s ordeal tonight: “It was scary.”

However, battered Alan has since spoken of his relief that Harry’s two daughters — who he usually hoists onto his shoulders at games — were not caught up in Sunday night’s shameful melee.

Manchester United defender Harry said: “It was not a nice experience — it shook him up. But he was fortunate as every game he has been to he has had my nephew or one of my kids on his shoulders.




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