The i -  Dominic Cummings to give evidence on govt handling of Covid-19 

The i -  Dominic Cummings to give evidence on govt handling of Covid-19 

The i front splash features a picture of Dominic Cummings under the headline “The revenge of Dominic Cummings” ahead of his highly-anticipated evidence on the government’s handling of the pandemic on Wednesday. 

The front page also features more news on the Ryanair hijacking, with Dominic Raab saying he believes Russia knew of the plan to abduct the journalist. Witnesses report the journalist begged the staff not to land, saying ‘they’re going to kill me’. 

Online, the i looks at George Floyd’s death as the world marks the one-year anniversary. There’s further news on travel advice and the PM’s announcement on the one-metre social distancing rule. 

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Covid-19 evidence: The revenge of Dominic Cummings 

The i’s front splash features the prime minister’s ex-aide Dominic Cummings, who it reports is “expected to reveal turbulence at the heart of government” when he gives his long-awaited evidence on the government’s handling of the pandemic on Wednesday.

Raab believes Russia knew of plan to abduct journalist

The paper reports Dominic Raab believes Russia knew of the plot to hijack the Ryanair flight and arrest the opposition journalist on board. As passengers say the victim said: Please don’t land the plane, they’re going to kill me.” 

Headlines from the i Online

Travel advice: Guidance warns against travel in or out of areas with surging Indian variant cases – despite no announcement

The i Online reports the “advisory” travel guidance appears to have been updated without any public announcement, and local authorities were not contacted to tell them the rules had changed. 

Social distancing review delayed as scientists gather more data on the Indian variant

PM Boris Johnson had promised an update on the one metre plus rule by the end of the month, but No 10 said more time was needed to assess the threat of B1617.2 – the variant that was first identified in India, the i says. 

George Floyd anniversary: A timeline of what happened after his death at the hands of Derek Chauvin

The i looks at the timeline of George Floyd’s death, one year on. They say the murder of Floyd is being marked across the world on the anniversary. 

The conviction of Derek Chauvin this year was monumental as he is one of few ex-officers in the US to be prosecuted and convicted for killing a person while on duty. 

Royal Mail scam: Eight men arrested over fake delivery texts in ‘smishing’ investigation

Eight men have been arrested in connection to the Royal Mail scam. The men were arrested on suspicion of fraud, with scam text messages claiming to be from Royal Mail. 

The men were arrested across London, Coventry, Birmingham and Colchester on Monday. 



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