Qatar 2022 World Cup: Did David Beckham sell out? 

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Did David Beckham sell out? 

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Did David Beckham sell out? 

Football icon David Beckham has caused a stir since it was announced he has signed a £150 million paycheque to be the face of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.’ The agreement has led to backlash from the public and human rights groups over the nation’s history of human rights abuses. 

The Daily Star makes clear that Beckham doesn’t need the money and instead points to greed on the footballer’s part. The paper notes Beckham’s estimated net worth is £400 million. David Beckham’s reported contract is for £150 million and the Daily Star says he’ll have to work for it, but how he does it could go on to define his reputation. 

The Guardian focuses on the migrant workers who built Qatar’s World Cup dream. The paper says the ex-England star’s deal for his ambassador role is in marked contrast to the wages of the host nation’s migrant workers. The article speaks to the wife of a worker who died while working on a stadium for the world cup. 

The Daily Mirror does not mince its words, describing the deal as ‘unforgivable’. The paper says Qatar has a shameful human rights record.. “Seems that when it comes to ethics, UNICEF ambassador Beckham is happy to bend them too.”

However, The New Arab reports the £150 million deal ‘has been rubbished. The huge figure quoted by the British tabloid has been questioned by experts in Qatar. “As usual, tabloids like The Sun have opted for sensationalism rather than facts in a cheap attempt at clickbait.”

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