Daily Mirror – End betrayal of our kids

End betrayal of our kids - that's the headline on the front page of the Daily Mirror which leads with Adam Peaty blasting the Tories.
Daily Mirror - End betrayal of our kids

Daily Mirror – End betrayal of our kids 

The Daily Mirror’s headline is “End betrayal of our kids” as it says Commonwealth gold medallist Adam Peaty has blasted the Tory government over a lack of investment in sports facilities. It comes as the England Women football team is calling for all girls to be given the chance to play football following their Euro 2022 victory.

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Daily Mirror – Wagatha feud reignites

Summary of Today’s Paper Headline Story Daily Mirror – Wagatha feud reignites  The Wagatha Christie row has kicked off again after Rebekah Vardy was hit with a bill of up to £1.5 million for Coleen Rooney’s legal costs, writes the Daily Mirror.  Today’s Headlines – Summarised

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Tottenham suffer Arsenal hangover in bore draw – but Champions League fate in their hands

Spurs boss Antonio Conte was hoping the hangover from the north London derby defeat would be cured in the Champions League this Tuesday, but his Tottenham side fell short Tottenham A point in Europe is better than listening to the neighbours crowing. And at least their Champions League fate is still in their own hands after a much-improved display. But if head coach Antonio Conte was hoping the hangover from the north London derby defeat would be

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Vladimir Putin hiding in bunker and preparing tactical nuclear strike, source claims

Russian President Vladimir Putin is claimed to be preparing a nuclear strike from a bunker holding top officials, family, friends and security for the president Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin is preparing to launch a tactical nuclear strike from a bunker a long way outside Moscow, it has been claimed. Putin, who is turning 70 on Friday – warned his closest family members of the possibility of rapid evacuation from the capital of Russia. The anti-Kremlin outlet who

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Rolf Harris ‘gravely ill’ as disgraced TV star receives ’round the clock care’

Convicted peadophile Rolf Harris is reportedly receiving ’round the clock care’ – five years after being released from prison for sexual assault on found underage girls Rolf Harris  Is “gravely sick” and receiving round-the-clock care, according to friends and neighbours. The convicted paedophile, 92, is said to rarely leave his home and is now relying on carers and nurses on a daily basis. Harris, who lives in Berkshire with his wife of 64 years, Alwen

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Zelensky hits back as Elon Musk sets up Twitter poll on annexed areas of Ukraine

The Tesla billionaire’s comments have drawn criticism from Ukrainian’s and western leaders after posing a poll on Twitter asking how to end Russia’s war with Ukraine Elon Musk President Zelensky has hit back at Elon Musk after he set up a Twitter poll on annexed areas of Ukraine. The Tesla billionaire took to Twitter to weigh in on the row on how to end Russia’s war with Ukraine. The 51-year-old suggested the United Nations should be in charge of elections in

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Gwen Stefani fans blown away by her ‘ageless’ looks as they discover her ‘real age’

Pop icon Gwen Stefani loyal fans have insisted that the No Doubt hit-maker looks ‘almost identical’ to how she did when she first shot to fame back in 1995 Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani fans have been completely blown away by the music icon’s ageless looks after discovering her real age. Last month, the Don’t Speak songstress caused confusion after her appearance on the American chat show Late Night With Seth Meyers, with some viewers branding her ‘unrecognisable’

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