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The daily news briefing is 📢 made for the professional efficient and conscientious person.

The news briefing today is an exclusive service, where we summarise and condense the news briefing about covid-19 service. The latest news on covid & all of Todays news headlines all in one place.

It is a PREMIUM service that is optimised and to give you the information in a simple and easy to consume manner.

Summarised and tailored to your needs

We have a team who scour the news stories from around the world and organise them for you and summarise them, taking out all the media bias and propaganda so you know the facts FASTER than ever before.

Time is MONEY! News Briefing saves you money

We know you’re BUSY and you don’t have the time. So we have constructed this Daily News Briefing to help you CONSUME the latest & Most Important News from around the World Today! 😎

The News of the World in less than two minutes which you can also watch on WTX News Youtube Channel in a video format.

It is available in Video and written format, so you can choose what suits you and we are on all the social media channels.

We have optimised it for social media and the website. And continually making it more dynamic so you can consume the news effortlessly. 

We update it around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it includes local, regional and international news.

But it doesn’t drown out the headlines but optimises them to user requirements.

We bring you the latest news, business and sports news from BBC News Today, CNN, Reuters, AP News, and everywhere else, plus your need-to-know guide to the big stories coming up today.

What is a News Briefing?

Concise, easy-to-read summary of the UK newspapers, for maximum time efficiency. A cost-effective way to stay on top of the news agenda and ahead of the competition.

How does a news briefing work?

WTX News is committed to delivering your news combining intelligence with brevity, and depth with the speed of reading, providing your essential daily briefing.

What is the format of news?

News articles are written in a structure known as the “inverted pyramid.” In the inverted pyramid format, the most newsworthy information goes at the beginning of the story and the least newsworthy information goes at the end.

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