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The Independent – ‘Chaos in Commons as MPs storm out of Gaza ceasefire vote’ 

The Independent leads on the Commons chaos. The paper notes the Speaker apologised for ‘sparking shambolic scenes in the chamber.’ The paper says MPs ‘nod’ through Labour’s amendment calling on Israel for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. It goes on to say, that in a night of extraordinary drama in Westminster, the speaker’s decision to allow amendments from the government and Labour on the SNP’s motion on a ceasefire, prompted howls of protest from MPs and shouts of “bring back Bercow” – referring to his controversial predecessor, John Bercow.

“He was then forced to return to the Commons to issue a grovelling apology for the mayhem, which was thwarted by shouts of “resign” from MPs on both sides of the House.” 

The front page features an image of the Trident Nuclear test – which failed for a second time. 

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