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Metro – Lotto winners jackpot shock: ‘We thought we’d won £2.60 … it was £61 million’ 

The Metro says a lucky couple who won a £61m lottery jackpot initially thought they scooped just £2.60. Richard and Debbie Nuttall, both 54, from Colne, Lancashire, have been named as the winners of a £61 million EuroMillions jackpot.

The lucky couple from Lancashire won a £61,708,231 share of the £123 million jackpot prize from the draw on January 30.

They were in Fuerteventura celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in January when an email from the National Lottery told them they had exciting news.

Nuttall, a self-employed accountant, said when he checked his account online he saw a win of £2.60.

But he later realised the £2.60 was from a win in November and when he logged in again later that day, after another email, he saw a figure of £61,708,231.

The front page leads entirely on the lotto jackpot win.  

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