Zelensky at the Commons: UK MPs praise President 

Zelensky at the Commons: UK MPs praise President

The leaders of the parties take the opportunity to speak following Zelensky’s historic address at the Commons – The session has now closed. To watch/read text of today’s Commons events – Follow Live – President Zelensky in historic speech at UK’s House of Commons or – LIVE ON YOUTUBE -WTX NEWS

President should be knighted – Lib Dems

Lib Dem leader Ed Davey says Ukraine shows why we shouldn’t take democracy for granted – MPs stand together with the people of Ukraine. Davey calls for Zelensky to receive an honorary knighthood. 

‘We salute you’ – SNP 

Ian Blackford, the SNP leader at Westminster, tells Zelenskiy: “We salute you.” We must do all we can to support Ukraine, he says. The soverienty of Ukraine must prevail.

‘Labour calls for tougher sanctions’ – Keir Starmer 

Labour’s Starner says no one would have blamed the Ukrainian president if he had chosen to flee – but he stayed to lead his people and to fight. 

“He’s reminded us that our freedom and our democracy are invaluable. He’s prompted the world into action, where too often we’ve let Putin have his way. He’s inspired the Ukrainian people to resist and frustrate the Russian war machine.

Starmer says Labour stands for unity at home – calls for even tougher sanctions against Russia and stands for providing Ukraine with weapons it needs. 

PM praises Zelensky 

PM says the Ukraiani President is standing firm for democracy and freedom and says Ukrainians are standing firm against a brutal assault. 

One of the proudest boasts now in the free world is “I am a Ukrainian”, he says (using the Ukrainian version).

PM says the UK will press on in doing what it can to help. It will use every method it has, diplomatic, humanitarian and economic, to ensure Ukraine is free once more.


Follow Live – President Zelensky in historic speech at UK’s House of Commons


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