PMQs Live – When will the PM force Sunak to U-turn? – Starmer 

PMQs Live - When will the PM force Sunak to U-turn? - Starmer

Keir Starmer asks when the PM will force the Chancellor to U-turn on 

Starmer says a typical energy bill will go up by £700 next month. The govt has offered people a £200 loan, assuming that prices will fall. But the invasion of Ukraine has changed that – when will the PM force Sunak to U-turn his decision?

PM says he will set out an energy independence plan, to reverse mistakes made in the past by Labour, which did not invest in nuclear. 

Starmer says PM doesn’t understand the problem. He says autumn bills will rise by £1,000 and again asks when will the PM force the Chancellor into a U-turn?

PM hits back and says if Starmer wants the chancellor to U-turn on the help already offered, “he is out of his mind.” 

(It’s not the sort of U-turn Starmer is talking about). 

UK will do more to help Ukraine 

PM starts by acknowledging President Zelensky’s historic address in the Commons yesterday – he confirms the defence secretary will set out more that the UK will be later today. 



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