PMQs Live – Scotland can’t afford cost of living with Westminster  

PMQs LIVE - Scotland can't afford cost of living with Westminster  
PMQs Live - Scotland can't afford cost of living with Westminster  

PMQs LIVE – Scotland can’t afford cost of living with Westminster  

PM dismisses indyref2

Backbenchers ask about Scottish independence and speaks about the role of the UK government in respecting the mandate given by the people of Scotland. 

PM says they had a vote in 2014 and failed to get backing for Scottish independence and now should focus on education standards in Scotland. 


‘Britain better with Scotland’

Blackford says the Tory leadership contest is “descending into a toxic race to the right”.

Ian Blackford says all the candidates are “awful” and compared with them, “Genghis Khan looks like a moderate”.

He says Westminster is out of touch and while the Tory leadership candidates focus on “tax cuts for the rich”, families across Scotland are struggling to put food on the table or to heat their homes.

Blackford says Scotland can’t afford the cost of living with Westminister. 

PM responds – Britain better with Scotland’

PM says next leader of Tories will want to work with Scotland “to protect and secure our union,” adding “we are much, much better together”.


PM leaving with ‘head high’ 

PM says he feels everybody who has played a part in his government “has done a remarkable job in helping this country through difficult time”.

Johnson says it is possible today’s Prime Minister’s Questions will be his last – “because the next party leader could be declared by acclamation”.

He pays tribute to his time in office by saying: we got Brexit done; we delivered the first Covid vaccine in the world; and the UK led the world in helping the people of Ukraine.

He says all eight candidates for party leader will continue with the programme of skills and infrastructure expansion.

“It is true I leave not at a time of my choosing, but I am proud of the teamwork involved in all of those projects… and I’m also proud of the leadership I have given,” he says.

“I will be leaving with my head held high”.


Broken economy 

Sir Keir criticises Rishi Sunak next. Starmer says Rishi has criticised the PM and accused him of not telling the public truth – and next, he’s claiming he has a big plan to rebuild the economy. 

He asks whether the PM can think of any job Sunak has had recently that may have meant he had the responsibility of this “broken economy.” 


Economic growth at 0.5% – PM

PM says economic growth was at 0.5% in May because the UK left lockdown in May last year. 

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