PMQs Live – ‘Dark days ahead’ says PM 

PMQs Live - ‘Dark days ahead’ says PM

PM warns ‘dark days ahead and difficult times’ as opposition to Putin continues. 

Starmer says opposing Putin will lead to extra costs, but people can manage the costs if there is a windfall tax on energy companies.

PM says he is junking “failed energy policies” that left UK without enough nuclear power. PM says Labour and govt must work together to maintain their opposition to Putin and the UK will come through this stronger. 


Labour in favour of nuclear power – Starmer 

Starmer hits back says “come off it” and that Labout is in favour of nuclear power. 

PM says under Labourr, nuclear fell from producing about 25 per cent of UK energy needs to about 10 per cent. He says the govt is supporting households with energy costs and it can do this because it has the fastest growth in G7. 

PM says if we had listened to Starmer (captain hindsight, he calls him) we would still be in lockdown. 


Energy companies making huge profits – Starmer

Labour leader says “we’ll see how long that position lasts” as he says energy companies are making huge profits, making more money that they know what to do with. Starmer asks when will the govt put a windfall tax on those profits. 

PM says it would just lead to energy companies putting prices up even more and it would discourage them from divesting in hydrocarbons. He repeats claims to be sorting out the mistakes that were made under Labour. 

Starmer says PM is “protecting energy profits not working people”. More renewables are needed but the Tories have effectively banned onshore wind. Starmer asks will the PM relax planning laws and end this ban? 

PM claims that the govt policies the govt is only dependent on Russian gas for 3 per cent of its supply.