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Western Mail – Labour will not be taking Gerthing’s unspent donations 

Western Mail says Money donated to Vaughan Gething’s leadership campaign, totalling £130,000, will not be taken by the Labour Party. Instead, it will be used for “progressive causes.” This decision follows calls from opposition groups for the return of a £200,000 donation from the Dawson Environmental Group, linked to David Neal, who has past environmental offence convictions. Party rules usually dictate that unspent leadership campaign funds go to the central party, but this case has been treated as an exception.

In other news, Wylfa has been chosen as the preferred site for a new nuclear plant, marking a significant development in Wales’s energy infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Welsh National Opera has sent a protest concerning substantial budget cuts affecting major courts, highlighting the ongoing issues within the judicial system.

Additionally, families of detainees at HMP Parc are rallying for better conditions and treatment, bringing attention to the conditions within the prison. On the economic front, a vision for growth and development in Wales has been presented by Miles, focusing on strategic areas for improvement.

In sports, Warren Gatland has stated that the possibility remains open for George North to return to the team, signalling potential changes in Welsh rugby.

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