The Sun - Harry’s shock claim: I want dad and brother back

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The Sun says Prince Harry “slated” his family again in two new TV interviews he conducted to promote his book, Spare. The duke has accused his family of being unwilling to fix the rift, the Sun notes.

The front page features a large still of Harry from the US interview – the UK interview is set to go into detail surrounding Princess Diana’s death.

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Today’s news summary - paper talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk Some of Tuesday’s front pages lead with quotes from Prince Harry who said he wants his father and brother “back” as the former royal sat down for two interviews (set to be released on Sunday) to promote his new book SPARE. Prince Harry interviews ahead of release of book The Daily Telegraph says the two trailers for the upcoming interviews (one US based, one UK based) claimed that Prince

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Brexit mistakes made on all sides - Ireland’s PM

Brexit mistakes made on all sides – Ireland’s PM

Brexit mistakes made on all sides – Ireland’s PM Leo Varadkar – the Irish prime minister has said mistakes were made on all sides in the way Brexit was negotiated.  He said he would be “flexible and reasonable” when attempting to solve issues with the Northern Ireland protocol. He said that the treaty might have been too strict and that the EU was willing to make compromises.  Leo Varadkar became PM for the second time

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