Disney and the lost art of imagination

Disney and the lost art of imagination


Disney confirmed they are set to launch their own streaming platform this year with reboots of film classics. Whilst leading streaming services continue to roll out original work we are left wondering, has Disney lost the art of imagination?

The news of Disney+ “reimaginations” of classics such as Home Alone have left fans in an uproar. Home Alone is still shown yearly on TV almost 29 years after its release, leaving us all wondering why Disney would choose to reboot. Other “reimaginations” include Night at the Museum, Diary of a Whimpy Kid and Cheaper by the Dozen. 

Disney owns the franchises after it bought the film studio 20th Century Fox. In addition, Disney+ will also have content from both Star Wars and Marvel franchises and is set to have more than 7,500 episodes of TV and 400 movies. 

“We’re also focused on leveraging Fox’s vast library of great titles to further enrich the content mix on our… platforms.” Studio chief exec Bob Iger said.

Lost imagination

Disney+ is about to enter a very crowded marketplace. Netflix leads the race with its original content. The giant rolls out a variety of provocative, imaginative and sometimes whimsical originals, usually always thought-provoking. Hit shows such as Orange Is the New Black, Making a Murderer and  Stranger Things show off Netflix’s diverse range. They’ve opened up doors for women and created strong roles for BAME and LGBT actors allowing a more honest representation on screen. 

The Disney+ catalogue will have all the action-packed and family-friendly films we know. But why is the studio giant rebooting? Have they run out of ideas? There was a time when Disney was the epitome of imagination, the creators of the animation golden age, bringing fairytales to life. 

Walt Disney himself never lost the importance of imagination.

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse,” he said. 

The lost imagination of Disney

Disney+ will undoubtedly draw vast numbers of viewers. Their box-office franchises and plans to roll ESPN and HULU into a monthly price bundle will make them a serious competitor for the likes of Netflix.  However, their “reimaginations” of film classics appears to show Disney may have lost the art of imagination. It feels like Disney+ is just a new glittery way of saying “straight to DVD.”

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