UAE coronavirus fight is moving towards containing COVID-19

UAE coronavirus fight is moving towards containing COVID-19

The UAE coronavirus is moving steadily and confidently towards containing the current pandemic and moving forward through the recovery planning phase.

National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) announced that through moving past the recovery planning phase with competence and ability through its institutions and members of society, both citizens and (Expat) residents.

The UAE continues its wide screening approach to check the spread of the pandemic by testing large sections of the society at a time, with the total number of tests exceeding 26 million.

UAE Vaccine 26 Million tests done

During the media briefing on Tuesday evening, it said, “We emphasise that taking the vaccine has become a humanitarian and moral duty for all, for the health and safety of the community and in support of the national efforts to overcome this pandemic.”

The National Emergency authority went on to say “Compliance with precautionary measures by members of society is one of the most important tools to deal with the pandemic, and therefore violators of these measures face penalties as a result of their negligence. This includes both institutions and individuals.”

It said the vaccine is the safest way towards a full and sustainable recovery, the only way to restore normalcy and resume economic activity in all sectors. “This requires the community to respond to the campaign and take the vaccine.”

According to the authority, the rate of infection to total tests conducted is one of the lowest regionally and globally, thanks to the effectiveness of the measures taken, the application of the best and latest medical screening tests, and high community awareness of adherence to precautionary measures.


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