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We all have a love for actors who inspire and visually captivate the audience with stunning performances. Bringing characters to life in iconic roles.

Like Heath Ledger playing the Joker in Batman, The Dark Knight, Jack Nicholson in his countless roles, like The Departed, Joker in Batman, As good as it gets and the postman always knocks twice. Just some of the examples of stunning character displays.

We also cover the other side of the scale where the performances have been truly awful. Like the Green Lantern; terrible storyline with inept character development starring Ryan Reynolds.

Also uniquely we look at things from a different lens, We don’t simply review a role, we look to see if another actor could have played it better and also the value of the acting in the movie. So what that means is we don’t compare apples to oranges and there is no value in comparing a role by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando and using the perioscope to analyse that like you would Al Pacino’s role in The Godfather. We call it perspective.

An interesting link to all the worlds most famous actors from Hollywood to Bollywood.

A short intro to their biographies and career achievements as well some of the most memorable quotes, phrases and cinematic lines.

These are constantly updated and kept up to date.