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The Herald – CalMac hit by record fines

The Scottish Herald says State-owned ferry operator CalMac has been fined a record £316,000 per month for poor performance in maintaining reliable ferry services. The total fines have reached nearly £5 million since October 2022, due to recurring reliability issues. The penalties were imposed as part of the Scottish Government’s oversight of the ferry contract, which has been plagued by issues with the aging fleet. The fines, which have accumulated significantly over the past year, aim to address the delays and disruptions that have affected island ferry services.

An interactive sculpture of the world’s first pedal bicycle has been installed on the West Pier in Stranraer. This marks the official start of the Kirkpatrick C2C: South of Scotland’s Coast to Coast route, a 250-mile cycling path. The installation was tested by Janet Jones from Creative Stranraer and cyclist Phil Wright, promoting the scenic and cultural journey across Scotland.

In Tehran, thousands have gathered for the funerals of several prominent Iranian figures, including a Revolutionary Guard General killed in a drone strike in Baghdad. The ceremonies have seen large crowds, demonstrating the ongoing political and social tensions in Iran. The events have been marked by significant public turnout and emotional tributes to the deceased.

A charity has raised concerns over an alarming rise in Type 2 diabetes among young people in Scotland. The number of adults under 40 diagnosed with the condition has increased by 32%, rising from 6,295 in 2017/18 to 8,338 in 2022/23. John Kinven, national director of Diabetes Scotland, has called for urgent action to address this health crisis, emphasizing the need for accessible and affordable healthy food and exercise options.


New research from Grant Thornton has identified key sectors and companies driving Scotland’s economy in 2024. The analysis by Ian McConnell and Scott Wright, featured on pages 6-7, highlights the top 100 private companies, providing insights into the businesses contributing to economic growth in the region.

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