The City is All-White - Zero black people in top FTSE 100 companies

The City is All-White - Zero black people in top FTSE 100 companies

The number of black people as executives at the top of Britain’s top blue-chip, FTSE 100 companies, is zero for the first time in six years.

There are no black chairmen or chairwomen, chief executive officers or chief financial officers at any company in the UK’s benchmark FTSE 100 stock index, according to early findings from the analysis.

Only 10 of the 297 leaders in these roles have ethnic minority backgrounds, according to research by consultancy Green Park has found.

black people and black lives matter

More and more, businesses are appreciating the unique values and benefit of a diverse workforce. That is prompting many to ensure their work environment reflects a varied mix. A report in 2018 found that companies that rank in the top quartile of having ethnically and racially diverse executive teams are more likely to be among the 33 per cent most profitable in their industry.

The FTSE 100 Index lost its last black chief executive Arnold Donald when cruise-ship operator Carnival Plc slipped out of the benchmark gauge in June following a quarterly rebalancing.

“We know there is no shortage of qualified candidates to fill these roles if companies are willing to look. Yet the snowy peaks of British business remain stubbornly white.”

“Corporate leaders need to stop telling us how much they care and do something to show us that black lives really do matter,” Trevor Phillips, chairman of Green Park said.

FTSE 100 businesses still don’t put as much focus on inclusion at the top as they do with diversity on the lower roles to fill quotas.


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