Entertainment Briefing: Bieber pays tribute to Princess Di – Harry Styles took magic mushrooms – Millie Bobby Brown on her new beauty brand & More

Harry Styles took magic mushrooms whilst recording his new album

BRIEF – ME! – ENTERTAINMENT NEWS BRIEFING Entertainment Briefing, Hollywood directors, Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan team up for new “Filmmakers Mode” TV setting. Hailey Bieber pays tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales in her latest photoshoot. Harry Styles experimented with class A drugs whilst recording his new album. Millie Bobby Brown opens […]

Remembering Diana

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Remembering Diana: 22 years on   Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana. In the ever-evolving world of celebrity life, Diana’s death serves as a reminder of paying the ultimate price of fame. In her 36 years, Diana was many things. A Princess, a mother, a fashion icon, a world […]