The US is on a warpath by sending 3000 more troops to Ukraine

The US is on a warpath by sending 3000 more troops to Ukraine

The US is on a warpath with Russia. And is preparing for war by sending a further 3000 more troops to join the Ukraine conflict.

President Joe Biden has formally approved the deployment of 3,000 US troops to Poland, Germany and Romania, the Pentagon announced Wednesday, in a move to bolster NATO forces in Eastern Europe to line up against the thousands of Russian troops amassed along Ukraine’s border.

The United States is sending an additional 2,000 troops to Europe and redeploying 1,000 already stationed in Germany to bolster the security of its NATO allies.

Putin says US and allies ignored Russia’s security demands

The US is on a warpath

Russia has described the deployments as “destructive” and Russian News have described these actions as the US is on a warpath with Russia.

The majority of the 2,000 additional troops to be flown in from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, will be deployed in Poland, with about 300 heading for Germany.

The move is the most significant sign to date that the US is preparing for the prospect of Russian President Vladimir Putin launching an invasion of Ukraine, as Russia has shown no signs of de-escalating after several rounds of diplomatic talks with the US and NATO.

Last week, the US placed 8,500 troops in the United States on heightened alert in case a NATO Response Force is called up and US forces are needed quickly.

But the US and NATO already have tens of thousands of other troops already in Europe to draw on for any additional deployments to Eastern European allies.


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