Boom Supersonic unveils new Overture supersonic jet

Boom Supersonic unveils new Overture supersonic jet

Boom Supersonic unveils a new Overture supersonic jet to bring back Concorde.

It’s been almost 20 years since Concorde flew for the final time. But will a new Concorde survive in a world of Zoom and Google Meets?

The new Overture supersonic jet is proof that some think it will.

While various companies have set about bringing supersonic travel back to life since then, we’re still yet to see this come to fruition. Coincidentally – bring back Concorde – was trending on Twitter.

The Colorado-based start-up Boom Supersonic is taking some major leaps forward in its quest to make supersonic flying a reality again.

The company is also boasting of being the first commercial aircraft manufacturer to incorporate sustainability from day one. Which extends from designing and testing our aircraft to the production facility and aircraft recycling.

New Overture supersonic jet

Nearly two years after rolling out ts prototype supersonic demonstrator, the XB1, Boom has unveiled a major new design for its much-anticipated Overture airliner, which will fly at twice the speed of today’s subsonic commercial jets and is expected to carry its first passengers in 2029.

Renderings of the aircraft, which has been in development for several years, were revealed this week during a press conference at the Farnborough Air Show, a UK-based aviation trade event.

Not only does the new Overture supersonic jet given an updated design feature and an extra engine, but it also has a new contoured fuselage and gull wings.


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