Jordan ranks fifth in Arab world in quality of education

Jordan ranks fifth in Arab world in quality of education

Jordan ranked fifth in the Arab world and 45 globally in the World Education Quality Index issued by the World Economic Forum in Davos 2021.


Six Arab countries in this year’s classification, including Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, were completely left off the list which contains 140 countries

Qatar topped the list of Arab countries, and ranked fourth in the world, followed by the UAE in second place in the Arab world and tenth globally, then Lebanon in third place in the Arab world and 25 globally.

Here are the ranks of the Arab countries: Bahrain (33), Jordan (45), Saudi Arabia (54), Tunisia (84), Kuwait (97), Morocco (101), Oman (107), Algeria (119), Mauritania (134)
Meanwhile, Egypt ranked last in the Arab world, and 139 globally.
Singapore ranked first in the world, followed by Switzerland in second place, and Finland in third place.

The ranking of countries in the report is based on the global competitiveness index determined by the forum, where the index scores are calculated by collecting public and private data related to around 13 basic categories, which are: institutions, innovation, macroeconomic environment, health, basic education, tertiary education, training, efficiency of commodity markets, efficiency of labor market, financial market development, technology readiness, market size, and business sophistication.



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