Europeans are buying iodine pills fearing Putin’s Nuke’s

Europeans are buying iodine pills fearing Putin’s Nuclear threat

Panic sets in as Europeans are buying iodine pills rushing to pharmacies for fear of Mad-Vlad. Where the threat is the highest, in Ukraine people, have started stockpiling Iodine pills and ordering them from across the borders in the black market for fear of Putin’s nuclear threat.

That they’re already sold out in all online pharmacies. “Everybody remembers Chernobyl,” she wrote a lady on Twitter

The number of people asking for iodine pills in pharmacies has increased in the past few days, the largest pharmacy network in Slovakia, Dr.Max, has confirmed.

Usually, iodine pills are in very low demand in the country. But since Vladimir Putin put his Nuclear forces on high alert, residents of Ukraine and surrounding European countries have been rushing to the pharmacies and buying more than the usual amount.

“Given the unexpectedly higher interest, there is a lack of iodine pills in our pharmacies, with some local exceptions,” Slovakian pharmacist Dr. Max

The use of iodine prophylaxis belongs to the protective measures in the case of a nuclear accident when radionuclide leaks into the environment, to block the uptake of radioiodine.

The panic buying is also extending to Scandinavian countries

In #Norway, people are hoarding iodine pills (which can reduce the chance of cancer in case of a nuclear incident) as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Pharmacy shelves are empty in many cities. Europeans are buying iodine pills and in Lithuania, the Government is distributing doses to its citizens.