Daily News Briefing: Infection fear doesn’t stop migrants heading for Europe

Friday 29 May


Friday 29 May 2020 News Briefing – Today’s headlines are dominated by the global Coronavirus Pandemic. As of 6:30 am (GMT), these are the global active numbers.


Coronavirus Cases: 5,911,507

Deaths: 362,127

Recovered: 2,583,695

Today’s Outlook
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  • Scotland begins easing lockdown after 66 days inside.
  • India: patients sharing beds as cases overwhelm Mumbai’s hospitals. 
  • French bars, restaurants and parks to reopen from June 2.
  • Infection fear is not stopping migrants heading to Europe.

Scotland begins easing lockdown

BBC News says people from two different households in Scotland can meet up as 66 days of full lockdown ends. The meetings can only take place outdoors and people must keep 2m apart.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the changes on Thursday as part of a four-phase “route map” towards reopening society. From Monday groups of six people from different households will be able to meet outside in England with similar measures expected in Wales.

Read the full story on BBC News


India: Patients share beds as coronavirus cases overwhelm Mumbai’s hospitals 

The Guardian says in Mumbai’s Sion hospital emergency ward there are two people to a bed. Patients, many with coronavirus symptoms and strapped two to a single oxygen tank, were captured lying almost on top of each other, top-to-toe on shared stretchers or just lying on the floor, in footage shared on social media in India this week.

“The volume and density of our population in Mumbai makes it very difficult to see how we will get out of the other side of this peak,” said Manish Shetty, a doctor who works on the Covid-19 ward in Guru Nanak hospital in Mumbai.

Read the full story on The Guardian


French bars, restaurants and parks to reopen from 2 June

France24 says France on Thursday announced the long-awaited nationwide reopening of bars, restaurants and cafes from June 2, albeit with restrictions, and lifted limitations on domestic travel in time for the summer holidays.

In the capital Paris, where the risk of coronavirus spread remains higher than in the rest of the mainland, only the outside terraces of eating and drinking establishments can reopen to clients, said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

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Infection fear doesn’t stop migrants heading for Europe

Arab News says the Tunisian Coast Guard stopped several attempts by traffickers to take migrant groups to the coast of Italy over the last few days as the weather improves. 

Coronavirus infection has not stopped the migrants – Italy still considers its ports as “not safe” from the pandemic although the number of new cases in the country has drastically fallen in the past week. 

Read the full story on Arab News

A quick look at the other top headlines from around the world

Trump says military is ready to act against Minneapolis ‘thugs’

RT News says US President Donald Trump has vowed decisive action to quell unrest in Minneapolis, sparked by the police killing of an unarmed black man, threatening to get the military involved if the city’s mayor won’t do the job “right.”

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5 reasons you should go to university in September

EuroNews says how do you know university will be worth it? Deciding you want to go in the first place is hard enough, let alone worrying about what you’ll do after you graduate.

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Fire sweeps through crowded Cameroonian prison

Africa News says a fire tore through an overcrowded maximum-security prison in Cameroon’s port city of Douala on Thursday leading to the hospitalisation of three prisoners with serious burns, a local fire chief said.

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‘Revenge’ Murdered Lybian smuggler’s family kills 30 migrants

Aljazeera News says the family of a Libyan smuggler killed by migrants has killed 30 migrants in a revenge attack, Libya’s United Nations-recognised government said.

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Hong Kong govt warns removing US special status is ‘double-edged sword’

CNA says Hong Kong’s government warned Washington that withdrawing its special US status, which has underpinned the city as a global financial hub, could be a “double-edged sword” and urged the United States to stop interfering in internal affairs.

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sports news

arts & ent

Ryan Giggs says Liverpool FC deserve Premier Leauge win

Liverpool deserve Premier Leauge win says Ryan Giggs

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Martin Scorsese on lockdown

Martin Scorsese on lockdown ‘anxiety’ and ‘relief’

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