Daily News Briefing: Global Coronavirus update – WHO warns world will hit 1 million ‘within days’

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Thursday 2 April 2020 News Briefing – Today’s headlines are dominated by the global Coronavirus Pandemic. As of 6:30 am (GMT), these are the global active numbers.

The coronavirus has infected more than 900,000 people worldwide and killed over 47,000. The US cases surpass China and Italy: The US now has the most confirmed cases worldwide — more than 215,344 with over 5,112 deaths, according to a WTX News count.


Coronavirus Cases: 936,958

Deaths: 47,264

Recovered: 194,666

  • Global cases top 930,000 and over 47,000 deaths. The WHO warns the world is days away from hitting 1 million.
  • Toyko confirms 78 new covid-19 cases and seven new deaths.
  • UK gov admits only 2,000 key NHS staff have been tested for coronavirus. 
  • A massive spike in Brits applying for Universal Credit shows the economic emergency facing the British public. 
  • WHO troubled by the growth of coronavirus, with numbers doubling in a week. 
  • Philippines President warns quarantine violators they could end up being shot dead if they are caught. 

Coronavirus live updates: cases top 930,000 globally

CNN reports the coronavirus has infected more than 937,000 people and killed over 47,000 worldwide, according to a Johns Hopkins University tally. 

The US has more than 216,500 cases and over 5,100 deaths, according to the count. New York City’s death toll has passed 1,300. Meanwhile, Spain has recorded over 100,000 cases. 

The US federal stockpiles of emergency medical gear are almost depleted as hospitals need millions more masks and protective equipment.

Meanwhile, Italy, Germany and Pakistan are among countries that are prolonging their lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus.

Read the full story on CNN


Tokyo confirms 78 new COVID-19 cases and seven new deaths

Japan Times says the Tokyo Metropolitan Government confirmed 78 new infected cases of the coronavirus, a record number for a single day, while also announcing seven people in their 50s to 70s had died. 

 The total number of cases in Tokyo is currently 521. Japan’s total infected figure has topped over 2,000, excluding those from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. 

The metropolitan government said it is unknown where 49 of the 78 new cases were infected, while 10 individuals were linked to Eiju General Hospital in Taito Ward, which has now become a major cluster in Tokyo. 

Read the full story on Japan Times


Just 2,000 key staff have been tested, UK government admits

The Guardian says, health officials must abandon strict rules that are slowing down the introduction of mass testing for coronavirus, scientists warned on Wednesday. The warning comes after the government admitted that just 2,000 of half a million frontline NHS staff have been tested to date. 

Public Health England has procedures that describe the precise chemicals and equipment that must be used to test patients. But with specific reagents in short supply, senior researchers say the UK must find alternatives to avoid more delays. 

Their plea came as the prime minister was forced to address mounting anger about the government’s failure to increase testing.

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New Universal Credit claims ‘signal economic need’ 

BBC News says in just two weeks more than 900,000 people have signed up to receive universal credit benefits in the UK. 

That’s more than nine times the normal number of people who might register on the system to help them through a rough patch when they lose some income, or to top it up if they are earning less than they need to live on. 

The sudden and vast increase is powerful evidence that the coronavirus crisis is an economic emergency for a very significant portion of the public, losing work and losing income in ways they could never have anticipated a few short weeks ago.

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WHO troubled by ‘near exponential’ growth of coronavirus pandemic

France24 says the World Health Organisation said Wednesday it was deeply concerned about the near-exponential escalation of the new coronavirus pandemic, with the number of deaths doubling in a week. 

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged citizens around the globe to stand together to fight Covid-19, as he braced for the millionth confirmed case. 

“As we enter the fourth month since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am deeply concerned about the rapid escalation and global spread of infection,” he told a virtual news conference.

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Duterte orders police & military to SHOOT Covid-19 quarantine violators who ‘cause trouble’

RT News says Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has warned that those who violate quarantines amid the virus crisis could end up dead. He has ordered security forces to open fire on violent ‘troublemakers’ as the country battles the outbreak. 

The stark warning came during an unscheduled televised address on Wednesday night. He told the police and military to adopt a gloves-off approach for violators of lockdown measures on Luzon – the country’s largest and most populous island – imposed last month to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

“I will not hesitate. My orders are to the police and the military, as well as the [districts], that if there is trouble or the situation arises that people fight and your lives are on the line, shoot them dead,” the president said.

Read the full story on RT News



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