Daily News Briefing: Bereaved families of NHS staff can stay in the UK

Thursday 21 May


Thursday 21 May News Briefing – Today’s headlines are dominated by the global Coronavirus Pandemic. As of 6:30 am (GMT), these are the global active numbers.


Coronavirus Cases: 5,090,157

Deaths: 329,739

Recovered: 2,024,329

Today’s Outlook
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  • Coronavirus: Global cases top 5 million.
  • Foreign resident stranded abroad by Japan’s coronavirus control. 
  • Bereaved families of NHS staff can stay in the UK.
  • UK students facing a tough decision over university. 
  • Spain to extend lockdown until June 6 despite outcry from protesters and right-wing opposition.
  • McDonald’s workers strike across the US in protests over coronavirus working conditions. 

Coronavirus: live updates

CNN says the WHO reported the highest total of Covid-19 cases recorded in a 24-hour period on Wednesday as worldwide infections approach 5 million. 

In the US, all 50 states have at least partially reopened. More than 93,000 people have died in the nation. 

Brazil recorded nearly 20,000 new infections in its biggest single-day jump. Only Russia and the US have reported more cases than Brazil.

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Foreign residents stranded abroad by Japan’s coronavirus control

Japan Times says the coronavirus pandemic has prompted authorities worldwide to introduce entry restrictions on border traffic. But regulations in Japan have sparked a particularly strong reaction from its international community, as it is the only Group of Seven member denying entry to long-term and permanent residents and has set no clear criteria for their return. 

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Bereaved families of NHS staff can stay in the UK

BBC News says the families of overseas NHS support staff and care workers who have died with coronavirus can stay in the UK permanently.

The Home Office bereavement scheme had previously only applied to certain professions, such as nurses. But the Home Secretary has extended it to cover cleaners, porters and other low-paid roles after pressure from Labour and the unions.

Read the full story on BBC News


UK students facing a tough decision over university 

The Guardian says thousands of students due to start this September are feeling uncertain about what to expect, with online learning and physical distancing measures likely to be in place, one in five considering whether to defer. 

Many are worried about the quality of education they will receive, and have concerns about starting life away from home under a raft of regulations aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus.

Read the full story on The Guardian


Spain to extend lockdown until June 6 despite outcry from protesters and right-wing opposition 

France24 says Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez won parliamentary backing to extend the lockdown for anther two weeks Wednesday, despite opposition from his rightwing opponents and protests against his minority coalition government.

It was the fifth time the state of emergency has been renewed, meaning the restrictions will remain in force until June 6 in a measure passed by 177 votes in favours, 162 against and 11 abstentions.

Read the full story on France24


VIDEO: McDonald’s workers across the US on strike in protest over coronavirus working conditions

RT News says hundreds of McDonald’s workers in the US are protesting unsatisfactory working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic, with some quitting and others decrying the risk they say they’re being exposed to from Covid-19. 

Strikes took place in over 20 cities across the US, including San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose in California. The protests were planned for Wednesday, ahead of the company’s annual shareholders meeting the following day.

Read the full story on RT News

A quick look at the other top stories from around the world.

Taliban leader urges US not to give up on peace deal

Arab News says Afghan Taliban’s supreme commander, said on Wednesday that the group was fully abiding by the conditions of the peace deal signed with the US in February this year and called on Washington not to allow anyone to derail the “extraordinary accomplishment.”

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Speaker Hoyle threatens to eject UK health secretary from Commons after Hancock shackles opposition leader

RT News says UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock was threatened with being kicked out of the Commons Chamber by House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, after heckling the Labour leader during a heated PMQs on the Covid-19 crisis in care homes.

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Burundi vote holds amid coronavirus protocols, net blackout

AfricaNews says a crucial election has begun in the East African nation of Burundi, where President Pierre Nkurunziza is stepping aside after 15 years in charge but he will remain “paramount leader” in the country that continues to reject outside scrutiny.

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Israeli court orders Netanyahu to appear for the opening of the trial

Aljazeera says an Israeli court has ordered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to appear for the opening of his criminal trial in Jerusalem on Sunday, shortly after his lawyer sought an exemption.

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Cyclone Amphan devastates India’s Kolkata city  

BBC News says the eastern Indian city of Kolkata has been devastated by a powerful cyclone.

Cyclone Amphan made landfall in eastern India and Bangladesh on Wednesday, killing at least 15 people as it lashed coastal areas with ferocious wind and rain.

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sports news

arts & ent

Serge Aurier investigated for coronavirus breach

Serge Aurier: Tottenham investigating defender for lockdown breach. 

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Actor Hagen Mills dies in attempted murder-suicide

Actor Hagen Mills dies in an attempted murder-suicide.

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