In a Car Crash in London, a Prominent Emirati Human Rights Activist Dies.

In a Car Crash in London, a Prominent Emirati Human Rights Activist Dies.

A number of activists on Twitter announced Alaa Al Siddiq’s following a road accident in London, without providing any additional details.


Alaa Al-Siddiq, is the daughter of the preacher and Sharia professor, Muhammad Al-Siddiq, who has been imprisoned since 2012, and was tried and sentenced to 10 years in prison in the “UAE 94” case.
In 2013, the UAE 94 was a mass trial held in the United Arab Emirates. The government was openly criticized by 94 people, who issued a petition calling for democratic reform.

The list of accused included judges, academics, lawyers and student leaders, all of whom hold Emirati citizenship.
The details of the case indicated that the defendants established a secret group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.
It’s worth noting that the UAE prohibits the formation of political parties.

Alaa is wanted by the authorities of her country due to her human rights activism, which began with the arrest of her father, who is supposed to be released soon, followed by a three-year probation outside the detention center.
Alaa was the director of the “ALQST Group,” a London-based human rights organization that publishes reports, news, and research to promote human rights and document violations.

ALQST was founded in August 2014 by Yahya Asiri, a former officer in the Royal Saudi Air Force, with the aim of documenting and publishing human rights violations.
Siddiq left Qatar where she had resided for a period, towards London, to obtain political asylum there after the Emirati citizenship was drawn from her, her father and brothers.
On Twitter, Siddiq posted a video clip where she explained the details of the arrest of her father and his prison sentence.



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