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World Cup 2022: What do I need to know about the trophy? 



World Cup 2022: What do I need to know about the trophy? 

The beautiful 18-carat gold trophy – the world cup, is the trophy many dream of lifting. 

England has held it high once before, in 1966, and will be looking to do so again this December. 

But what’s so special about this golden trophy? 

The trophy was unveiled after its own 51-leg world tour, with stopovers in all 32 nations that have qualified for the Qatar world cup. 

It’s made of 18-carat gold and is just under 37cm in height and weighs just over 6kg. It depicts two humans holding a globe aloft. 

It cost around $50,000 at the time it was made but now is thought to be worth roughly $20 million. 

The Jules Rimet Trophy 

Two trophies have been used for the Football World Cup. 

The Jules Rimet Trophy was used from 1930 to 1970 and was then replaced by the FIFA World Cup Trophy from 1974 to the present day. 

World Cup 2022: What do I need to know about the trophy? 
World Cup 2022: What do I need to know about the trophy? 

The first trophy was originally named Victory and later renamed Jules Rimet – in honour of the FIFA president. It was made of gold-plated sterling silver and lapis lazuli and depicted Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. 

Brazil won the trophy for the third time and was allowed to keep the trophy. 

The original Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen in 1983 and never recovered. 

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FIFA World Cup Trophy 

After Brazil was allowed to keep the original trophy, a new one was commissioned and named the FIFA World Cup Trophy and was introduced in 1974. 

The trophy is made of 18-carat gold with bands of malachite on its base. It was made by the Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni company in Itlay. It depicts two humans holding up the Earth. 

No team is allowed to keep the trophy permanently even if they win three or more times. 

Previously, it was so that the winning team kept the trophy until the final draw of the next tournament, however, this is no longer the case. Instead, the winners of the tournament receive a bronze replica which is gold-plated rather than solid gold.

Where is the FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule?

Following a dazzling Final Draw for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, the final tournament match schedule has been published on FIFA+.

Given the compact nature of Qatar, event organisers were able to assign, for the first time ever, group stage games to a stadium and kick-off time for each matchday after the final draw, optimising the match schedule for the benefit and comfort of spectators, teams, media and the global audience.

A total of 64 games will be played to decide the winners of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. See when and where the action will take place.

Follow the schedule here

The 2022 FIFA World Cup begins on Nov. 20 in what will be the first winter edition in the history of the competition. The best players in the world will take center stage in Qatar as the action runs through the final on Dec. 18.
The cost might be of the ticket is an estimate for a group match ranging from $105 to $210, and the ticket for the final ranges from $455 to $1,100. All tickets are sold in Qatari riyal (QAR) to both residents of Qatar and internationals. Here are list of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Ticket Prices below with detailed price
The 2022 World Cup starts on November 20 in Qatar when temperatures generally start falling heading into winter. Early group games will likely be the hottest with highs of 26-28°C (78-82°F) possible
Yes, alcohol will be sold in Qatari stadiums at the World Cup. Beer will be sold and available for fans three hours before and one hour after kick-off. It will not be available during the games

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