BREAKING NEWS: Man arrested for Knife attack inside Calgary Mosque Attack

mosque-knife attack in Canada Calgary Mosque

A Knife attack escalated very quickly in a Mosque in Canada. A man brandishing a knife was arrested Friday afternoon after threatening people inside a northeast mosque in Calgary.

Friday’s Jumma prayers were interrupted at a northeast Calgary Mosque by a man brandishing a knife. When suddenly an altercation erupted towards the back of the Mosque which escalated very quickly.

The Calgary Police Service received a call shortly after noon about a man with a knife inside the Akram Jomaa Islamic Centre in the 2600 block of 37th Avenue N.E.


The man was arrested and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Calgary Mosque Attack

While taking the man into custody, witnesses and CPS said officers used their less-lethal ARWEN launcher, which can fire 37-mm plastic, wood or foam rounds, along with tear gas and smoke.

Saima Jamal said she had just parked and was walking towards the mosque when she witnessed police running inside with guns.

“I ran near the mosque window because I was too scared to go in,” said Jamal. “Within 10 minutes, they came out with this guy … it was very, very scary. My heart was just thumping in my chest.”

Jamal said the man, whom she described as fair-skinned with a long beard, lost his temper before the congregational prayer began.

He pulled a knife on people inside the building but was escorted to the back of a police vehicle by officers shortly after, she said.

Calgary police have arrested a man who was armed with a knife, who interrupted noon prayers at a mosque in the northeast.


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