UK: Train services to be cut amid falling demand

UK: Train services to be cut amid falling demand

Train services to be cut amid falling demand

On Monday trains operating across Britain will start to reduce its services due to a falling demand sparked by the coronavirus crisis

The government has agreed on the plan with the rail industry and said vital services will continue running. The core services will run to ensure key workers can get to their jobs and the flow of goods continues. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has advised people to avoid “non-essential” travel. Train operators had begun to cancel services due to staff being off sick, self-isolation and a collapse in demand. 

Up to 40 Underground stations will be shut until further notice, while bus services will be reduced. 

Buses will be reduced in the West Midlands and Greater Manchester. 

All reductions to services will be kept under review and any changes will be communicated with passengers. 

Minimising disruption

In an attempt to minimise disruption, services will be reduced progressively but over the longer term. The plan will ensure people can travel to medical appointments and key freight services can continue to ship vital goods where they are needed.

The Department for Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “We are taking decisive action to protect the public which means reducing travel for the time being, whilst still ensuring key worker heroes can get to their jobs to keep this nation running.

“We continue to work closely with the industry to develop measures that protect operators in these challenging times.”

Mr Shapps told MPs on Tuesday that rail companies, bus firms and airlines could be temporarily nationalised to help them through the outbreak. 

Similar transport measures have been agreed by Scottish and Welsh governments. 

The Scottish Transport Secretary said operators would be moving to a “reduced timetable.” 

And the Welsh government said services in Wales will be reduced from Monday. 



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