Who's the royal racist? 7 examples of royals being racist - even our beloved Harry!

Who's the royal racist? 7 examples of royals being racist - even our beloved Harry!

Who’s the royal racist? 7 examples of royals being racist 

Prince William defended the Royals saying “We’re very much not a racist family” following accusations made by Prince Harry and Meghan that a member of the family had questioned how dark Archie’s skin might be.

But there have been plenty of racist moments in the royal family and it’s not out-of-context or reasonable-for-the time racism – and it’s even from our beloved Prince Harry. 

Here are some examples. 

  1. The unnamed royal who repeatedly asked what colour Archie’s skin would be. 
  2. William and Harry both attended a ‘Colonials and Natives’ party in which William was alleged dressed as a gorilla (though he couldn’t clearly be identified) and Harry went as a Nazi.
  3. Footage shows Prince Harry uses the term ‘P*ki’ and ‘R*ghead’ during his military years. 
  4. Prince Andrew left then-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith “slack-jawed” at a dinner for the Saudi royals by making “racist comments about Arabs that were unbelievable… it involved a comment about camels”
  5.  Prince Andrew referred to “the n***** in the woodpile” to one of David Cameron’s advisers, who was of Sri Lankan descent.
  6.  Princess Michael of Kent wore jewellery depicting an African slave kept as a domestic pet to the wider family’s first meeting with Meghan Markle.
  7.  Princess Michael of Kent told black New Yorkers to “go back to the colonies” and named two black sheep on her farm Venus and Seren

So the royal racist could be anyone, with Harry and Meghan ruling out the Queen and Prince Philip –  my money is on Prince Andrew or Princess Micheal of Kent. 

BREAKING: Prince William says royals ‘very much not racist’

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