Ceremonial funeral for Prince Philip

Ceremonial funeral for Prince Philip

Ceremonial funeral for Prince Philip

Since the announcement of Prince Philip’s death today, questions over his funeral have begun. 

His funeral will take place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor – but his long-held funeral arrangements have been amended in light of the COVID pandemic. 

Prince Phillip will have a ceremonial funeral, much like The Queen Mother in 2002 and Princess Diana in 1997.

His body will lie at rest ahead of the funeral in St George’s Chapel. The public has been told to “regrettably” not participate in his funeral due to COVID and not to gather. 

Where will he be buried? 

According to The Independent, Philip has reportedly requested that he be buried in Frogmore Gardens at Windsor Castle, a spot near to his heart and that of his wife, who walks her dogs there. 

Will there be an official period of national mourning?

Yes, this appears to be the one part of the royal funeral protocol that will be observed. Traditionally, it lasts from the day of the death until the day of the funeral. It’s not immediately clear how COVID-19 may impact the length of the mourning period. In the case of the Queen Mother, it lasted for eight days. Until the funeral, traditionally affairs of state and any new law awaiting the queen’s royal assent are put on hold and books of condolences are usually made available at embassies around the world for the public to sign.

When will Queen Elizabeth return to duty? 

The Queen will reopen her famous red boxes of government paperwork after that initial eight-day mourning period, she is not expected to fully resume public life until after a 30-day mourning period. 


Will Prince Harry return for Philip’s funeral? 

Prince Philip has died aged 99, Palace announces



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