Brexit day bomb? Device found on lorry ‘was intended for Brexit attack’

Brexit day bomb? Device found on lorry ‘was intended for Brexit attack’

A bomb found attached to a lorry on Monday in County Armagh may have been intended for a Brexit day attack, police have said. 

Police received a report about an explosive device in a lorry at Belfast dock on 31 January – the day the UK quit the EU

According to a report, the lorry was due to travel by ferry to Scotland and a search was conducted but nothing was found. 

On Monday, a more detailed report helped locate the uncovered device at Silverwood Industrial Estate in Lurgan. Police believe dissident republicans were responsible. 

Det Supt Sean Wright said the “only conclusion that we can draw is that once again dissident republicans have shown a total disregard for the community, for businesses and for wider society.”

Wright added that “had this vehicle travelled and the device had exploded at any point along the M1, across the Westlink or into the Harbour estate the risks posed do not bear thinking about.”

Police worked with a haulage company, which owns the lorry, to search about 400 vehicles and locate the explosive device. 

Dep Supt Wright appealed for information regarding any suspicious activity at Silverwood Industrial Estate between 16:00 and 22:00 on 31 January. 



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