UK weather – Britain to bask in 31C sizzler as jet stream moves north bringing week long heatwave, Met Office says

UK weather – Britain to bask in 31C sizzler as jet stream moves north bringing week long heatwave, Met Office says

BRITS are set to bask in a week-long heatwave with temperatures expected to hit sizzling highs of 30C in parts of the UK.

The Met Office has forecast 27C on Saturday and 30C on Sunday after a jet stream is set to move further north.

Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said: “Into the weekend the temperatures will build and we’ll see some strong sunshine, temperatures come Sunday could peak at around 30C.”
It will be hotter here than in sunny Ibiza, which will be 30C on Sunday, for those who are unable to travel due to restrictions.
Other experts, on the other hand, expect highs of 31C this weekend.
The Met Office predicts the mercury could remain high enough for official heatwaves in parts of the country in the coming days.

The current hottest day of the year occurred on June 14, when temperatures in Heathrow reached 28.4°C.
Forecaster Stephen Dixon said charts suggest the weather will continue to heat up before unsettled conditions creep in from next Wednesday.

He told the Mirror: “It’s looking like warm conditions will continue for many in the early parts of next week, from Wednesday there’s some more unsettled conditions on the horizon.
“But it is obviously more uncertain at the moment.”

It will be a warm start to the day on Friday, with highs of 27 ° C. in Cardiff and 26 ° C in London.
The warm weather will last into Saturday, with temperatures reaching 28C in London and 27C in Leeds.

The pollen count will be “high or even very high,” Clare said.
For many of us, Saturday night will be a uncomfortable, feeling muggy and humid.

Brits packed beaches in Blackpool today, soaking up the first rays of sunshine this summer.
Beachgoers cooled off in the sea at the seaside resort of Weymouth in Dorset after an afternoon of scorching sunshine.

It comes after floodwater swamped London after a month’s rain fell in just one hour.8

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