Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

The new Covid measures – and the continuing row over the Downing Street party – are covered in depth in all of Thursday’s newspapers.

Boris Johnson said Plan B coronavirus curbs announced last night should help people enjoy a “close to normal” Christmas, the Daily Express reports.

The Guardian reports Boris Johnson has announced Plan B restrictions as his government is “engulfed in a crisis of credibility sparked by the Christmas party scandal”. 

Boris Johnson appears mocked-up as the Grinch on the front page of The Sun after Plan B restrictions were announced as the Tories face a backlash over a lockdown party.

The Daily Mirror reports Boris Johnson brought in tighter Plan B restrictions while “desperately trying to dodge the flak for rule-breaking parties at Number 10.”

Boris Johnson is facing growing calls to quit after being accused of taking the “public for fools” over an alleged Christmas party at Number 10 during lockdown, Metro reports.

PM Johnson tightens rules to crack down on Omicron, reports the Independent. The paper also leads with an image of Allegra Stratton as she cried during her apology following the Downing Street Christmas party scandal. 

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