Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Adele is the leading picture on Friday’s front pages, with the Sun newspaper leading with the pop star as their main story. Adele has told Vogue that her marriage ended as her life “fell apart”, according to The Sun

The i writes that holidaymakers can now travel to many more countries without facing hotel quarantine after the government removed 47 locations from the red list. 

The Daily Mirror leads with the warning that expert modelling shows the flu could kill 60,000 people, adding that Professor Jonathan Van-Tam is urging people to get their flu vaccination. 

The Independent also reports that NHS leaders and health officials fear 60,000 people could die from flu this winter.

Households are braced for a cost of living crisis as post-pandemic supply chain problems ramp up prices – with 10% of firms admitting they have been forced to increase prices in the past month, writes the Daily Express.

A coronavirus report in 2016 warned of the need for a contact tracing system and more personal protective equipment, according to The Guardian.

Vladimir Putin has been accused of using his stranglehold over Europe’s power supply as “a weapon” after allowing gas prices to surge to an all-time high, reports the Metro

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