Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Wednesday’s front pages focus on the prime ministers’ claims he has ‘the guts to fix Britain’. PM Boris Johnson’s claim was made in his speech to the Conservative Party conference. 

‘Boris Johnson says he’ll fix Britain’

The Daily Express leads with Boris Johnson is to say that only his party has the “guts” to fix Britain’s problems. Whilst the Daily Telegraph reports on Boris Johnson’s plan to make Britain a “high-wage economy”. The Metro leads with the PM’s comments that it’s up to the private sector to sort out the disruption that is crippling Britain. 

Boris Johnson is to tell Conservative Party members that some businesses use high immigration as an excuse not to invest in their company or staff, the Financial Times reports.

Boris Johnson will announce a significant rise in the minimum wage within weeks, The Times reports,

Whilst the Daily Mirror says the prime minister is repeating the “lies” of his “idol”, former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, to take back £20 a week from the nation’s poorest families.

‘French sink Christmas in shocking post-Brexit tantrum’

Meanwhile, the Guardian’s front page leads with more revelations from the Pandora Papers. 

The Daily Mail has news of a “French threat to sink Christmas”. And The Sun reports on a “shocking post-Brexit tantrum” from France, saying the country took almost five million COVID-19 vaccines intended for Britain.

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