Today’s news summary – Paper Talk 

Today’s news summary - Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk 

Wednesday’s front pages feature a variety of stories. A number of the papers splash on the news that the RMT rail union is to stage a series of strikes before Christmas. 

December rail strikes – ‘Christmas chaos’

“When will we rein in the unions intent on Christmas chaos?” asks the Daily Mail. The paper says the strikes could cost the hospitality industry millions of pounds but ministers don’t want to be bounced into a settlement with the union because they are worried significant pay rises would set a precedent. 

The Sun’s editorial piece reports “rail union thugs” are wrecking the first family Christmas since Covid. Whilst the Daily Express says Britain faces a “nightmare before Christmas” with thousands of civil servants, lorry drivers, postal workers, nurses and security staff also set to down tools over the next two months. 

The Guardian says the head of the Royal College of GPs has told them that some of her patients – in the Welsh valleys – are refusing sick notes because they can’t afford not to work. Kamila Hawthorne warns that soaring food prices are leading to a rise in fatigued, mouth ulcers and weak muscles as people become deficient in key vitamins because they cannot afford to eat well.

Qatar world cup 

The latest from the World Cup also features on several front pages, following Argentina’s shock 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia – it’s being described as the biggest upset in World Cup history. 

The Daily Mirror uses its front page to describe host nation Qatar as the “country that bans love”. The paper says Fifa subjected the England squad to “extreme blackmail” to stop Harry Kane from wearing a One Love armband in support of the LGBTQ community. 

Several papers find space on their front pages to comment on the latest in the Cristiano Ronaldo/ Manchester United saga – as Ronaldo leaves the club and the Glazer family say they are considering selling the club. 

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