Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday’s front pages cover the ongoing fuel shortage, with panic-buying still rampant across the UK. 

The Daily Express reports on outrage at some petrol stations as some appear to have inflated pump prices amid continued high demand for fuel. 

The Guardian reports comments by a German politician poised to replace Angela Merkel as chancellor – claiming Brexit is to blame for the UK’s fuel crisis

Unions are warning key staff must be given priority at the pumps as panic buying leaves many stranded, the Daily Mirror reports.

The Daily Star claims experts have suggested if you can’t squeeze into the same size pair of trousers you wore aged 21 then you are a “diabetes timebomb waiting to explode”.

The government has ordered the deployment of soldiers to distribute petrol, in a dramatic escalation of the national fuel crisis, The Independent says.

The Daily Mail says the prime minister has demanded a “thorough” inquiry into smart motorways after the paper’s investigation revealed they were plagued with “shocking failures”.

Military tanker drivers will be trained to fill petrol pumps and placed on a “state of readiness”, according to the i.

The Financial Times says medical workers and transport companies have warned the fuel crisis is threatening severe disruption to healthcare and essential services.

Commuters are abandoning cars amid the petrol crisis and getting back on board trains, buses and the Tube instead, according to the Metro.

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