Today’s news summary – Paper Talk 

All of Tuesday’s front pages are dedicated to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.
Today’s news summary - Paper Talk 

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk 

All of Tuesday’s front pages are dedicated to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Most of the papers offer a full wrap-around image on the front and back pages. The national period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II has officially ended, whilst the royal family will continue to observe another week of mourning. It is understood senior royals will not carry out any duties during this period. 

Queen’s death – Nation says goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II

The Daily Express, the Guardian and Daily Mirror show a picture of the Queen’s coffin – draped in the Royal Standard, flowers and the monarch’s crown and orb – being carried into the Abbey. The Daily Mail uses an image of the coffin being lowered into the Royal Valt at Windsor. 

The Sun, the Daily Star and the i newspaper feature pictures of the huge crowds that waited patiently to catch a glimpse of the coffin as it travelled through London and onto Windsor Castle. 

The Sun estimates that around one million people gathered along the 21-mile route whilst the Daily Mail says the public throwing flowers at the hearse echoes similar scenes of Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. 

The Times says the ceremony was “marked by splendour and pageantry”. Whilst the Daily Telegraph examines the “outpouring of love” from King Charles III and the nation. 

“God rest our Queen,” says the Daily Express on the front cover, whilst the back cover says “God saves the King” next to a picture of King Charles III. 

The Daily Mirror features an image of one of the Queen’s pet corgis lying with its head on the kerbstone features with the words “Missing You.” The Sun says the dogs are pining for their mistress. 

The Sun goes on to claim it was the most watched TV event in the world, whilst the Guardian pictures a family in Kenya gazing up at a screen fixed beneath their corrugated iron roof. 

The Guardian compares the “pomp and public spectacle” watched by the world with the private family ceremony away from the cameras – later in the evening. 

The Daily Telegraph says no details about the private family event will be released, an event that even palace aides were kept in the dark about.

A previously unseen picture of the late Queen – released by Buckingham Palace last night, showing her hiking in moorland near Balmoral Castle 50 years ago, is featured in several papers. 

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