Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Monday’s papers continue the coverage of the ongoing fuel crisis, with many of them suggesting the Army could be used to deliver fuel to petrol stations. 

Fuel Crisis

The Guardian says PM Boris Johnson will consider emergency plans to draft in hundreds of soldiers to deliver fuel to petrol stations. The decision would be made amid panic buying across the UK. BP has said that a third of its stations had run out of the main two grades of fuel, the paper adds. The Guardian says the UK could be headed to a “winter of discontent” with shelves possibly empty. 

The Metro reports on how Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is blaming hauliers for causing panic at the petrol pumps – as he urges motorists to be “sensible”. 

Boris Johnson was warned about the HGV driver shortage in June but did nothing to deal with the problem according to claims reported in the Daily Mirror under the headline “Shambles”. 

The Times reports on how the army could be scrambled to deal with the fuel crisis – claiming up to 90% of petrol stations have run dry, as the government suspends competition rules to help companies tackle the problem. 

The Daily Telegraph also reports on how the prime minister is poised to sign off plans to draft in the Army to assist with the escalating fuel crisis. 

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